Artist Statement

In my art I explore the presence of the digital age and it’s ongoing impact on the fabric of our contemporary lifestyle. I am concerned with diverse subjects as spiritualism, environmentalism and the ever expanding realm of technology. My work reproduces familiar visual cues and arranges them into densely textured representations.

Often times themes are combined into a collage of technology set against natural world imagery, that are often embellished with compositional details. The juxtaposition of past and future establishes a dream-like quality and suggests an other worldly realm out of time.

I start the process with a sketch and then work in the computer with my photography for digital colleges. Although there may not always be visual similarities between a series, they are all linked by recurring social concerns. The subject matter of each piece determines the colors, makeup and the objects and images used to create it.

Each series often consists of multiple works grouped around specific themes and meanings. I consistently research varied topics creating new areas of interest from which arises the next work.


Born in St. Louis, Vincent Mattina began his love affair with art at an early age. When he was first able to hold a pencil he knew he loved to create imagery. Throughout his adolescent years and onto high school his love of art captured his soul. The interest was cultivated during his teenage years and further developed with his Bachelors of Arts degree in Fine Art and Illustration in college. After graduation he moved out of the Midwest and into the Los Angeles area where he gained recognition as an Art Director and Designer while working at companies in the fashion, marketing and advertising industries.

He became fluent in software programs such as Photoshop in the corporate environment where he found it could be a new tool to create his own art. Since then he also became interested in recycled art and assemblage which went well with his love of Surrealism. Vincent had kept his digital and assemblage art separated up until recently. He is currently integrating the two mediums of digital and found-objects into mixed media assemblages. His go to tool is still the pencil, but he now uses a computer and found objects to realize his vision.

Vincent is influenced by the dilemma of technology, environmentalism, our loss of privacy, and the spirituality of dreams. His love for the environment inspired him to bring discarded objects into his work. He feels the need to recycle, reuse and re-purpose as much as possible to reduce his ecological footprint. He is also inspired by technologies and how each advancement affects our consciousness, penetrates our communities and redefines social concerns.

In 2016 he decided to pursue a better quality of life and moved to the Salt Lake City area. There he is inspired by the natural beauty, open spaces and the majestic local mountains. Vincent richly detailed work transports you to an alternate reality where science, nature and spirituality evolve. He has shown in museums and galleries throughout the country as well as being published internationally.