Artist Statement

My art explores the ongoing presence of the digital age and its impact on the fabric of our contemporary lifestyle. My work connects with spiritualism, environmentalism and the ever expanding realm of technology. I establish familiar visual cues regarding time and place and arrange them into densely textured representations.

Often times themes are combined of man-made objects set against natural world imagery that are often embellished with symbolic details. The juxtaposition of past, present and future establishes a dream-like quality and suggests an other worldly realm out of time.

I start the process with a sketch and then work in the computer with my photography for digital colleges and on my workbench for assemblage pieces. Although it may not be always readily apparent, each series is linked by recurring concerns. The subject matter of each piece determines the colors, makeup, objects and images used to create it.

Each series often consists of multiple works grouped around specific themes and meanings. I consistently research varied topics creating new areas of interest from which arises the next work.


Vincent Mattina is a mixed media artist who integrates digital and found-objects art into mixed media assemblages. His richly detailed work transports you to an alternate reality where science, nature and spirituality evolve. His distinctive personal style emanates a surreal and mysterious quality that evokes the spirit and atmosphere of another reality.

Born in St. Louis, Mattina began his love affair with art when he was first able to hold a pencil. This interest was cultivated during his teenage years and further developed in college where he received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Fine Art and Illustration at Columbus College of Art and Design. After graduation he moved out of the Midwest and into the Los Angeles area where worked as a Art Director. There he became fluent in Photoshop and found it could be a tool to create his own art.

A multiple award winner, Mattina was given 1st place at the Orange County Fair in the digital and mixed media categories every year from 2014-2016. At the end of 2016 he moved to Salt Lake City pursuing a better quality of life. There he is inspired by the natural beauty, open spaces and the majestic local mountains. He was praised in a 15 Bytes article by Geoff Wichert on his show, “Sleepless” where the artist explores his reluctant dependency on his CPAP machine. He has been juried into several major shows at the Springville Museum of Art, a key promoter and contributor to the arts. Vincent’s solo show “Timescapes”, was featured at the prestigious Finch Lane Gallery in 2019. In June the same year he was featured as Artist of the month for the city of Holladay, Utah.

His artwork is included in numerous private art collections throughout the U.S. as well as being published and collected internationally.