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Artist Statement

My art explores the ongoing presence of the digital age and its impact on the fabric of our contemporary lifestyle. My work connects with spiritualism, environmentalism and the ever expanding realm of technology. I make connections to the spiritual world with symbols placed into the art such as ships and draped figures. Commenting on mans effect in the environment I show seemingly abandoned structures with facial features. Technology is sometimes indicated by machine mechanisms connected to flesh. I like to establish familiar visual cues regarding time and space, then arrange them into densely textured representations.

Often times subjects are combined of man-made objects set against natural world imagery and often embellished with symbolic details. The juxtaposition of past, present and future establishes a dream-like quality and suggests a distinct worldly realm out of time.

I start the process with a sketch and then work with the computer and my photographs to create digital colleges. Recently I have been expanding the use of the digital collage in other media including mixed media, laser engraving and assemblage. These mixed media assemblages are made with found objects and explore the previously mentioned themes but also can include the topic of sleep deprivation and the effects on my reality. Each series is linked by recurring concerns such as Climate Change, Transhumanism and the Spiritual Realm. The subject matter of each piece determines the colors, textures and images used to create it.

I consistently research varied topics creating new areas of interest which complements the next body

of work.


Born in 1961, Vincent Mattina received his BFA in Illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design in 1987. Mattina’s work combines his own photography, digital collage, and assemblage techniques to create elaborate, mixed media images focusing on spiritual, environmental & technology issues.

One of the main themes in his work is climate change, crafting pieces that reveal a post-apocalyptic vision of a future that may or may not be too distant. Mattina is also multidisciplinary artist who works in digital, mixed media, photography and assemblage art. His richly detailed work transports you to an alternate reality where science, nature and spirituality evolve. His distinctive personal style emanates a surreal and mysterious quality that evokes an atmosphere from another realm.

Mattina’s artwork has been shown in galleries across the country, including the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, San Diego Art Institute, the Brand Library and Art Center, Southampton Art Center and locally at Springville Museum of Art in Utah. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as Emboss, Visual Artistry, and Art Ascent magazine. His artwork is included in numerous private art collections throughout the U.S. as well as being collected internationally.

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